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30ml THC Infused Vape Juice

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Cannabis infused Vape available at Greenphoenix.

Vaporizers have become the ubiquitous gadget for the modern-day cannabis enthusiast.

What is vaporization? Simply, it is a method of activating raw plant matter without combustion. In other words, get high without fire. You inhale vapor, not smoke.

For most cannabis enthusiasts — especially beginners — vaporizers allow for a milder, easier-to-control high compared to smoking. Added bonus: No smoke!

Vaporizers have been around for decades, but the trend has taken off in the last decade or so. As the benefits of vaporization have become known, the variety of devices has been increasing.

Choose from 1000mg or 2000mg of infused THC per 30ml


1000mg, 2000mg